Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Artist Highlight: Marina Reiter

Meet the Artist: Marina Reiter, in her own words...

"Through a masterful use of color and shape Marina Reiter's paintings exhibit a visual playfulness. In them, soft colorful shapes drift together in space, often intersecting and interacting to create new colors. Although Reiter considers herself to be an abstract artist, at closer glance, her paintings transcend beyond the basics of abstraction or surrealism. With their unique curves, each form has a distinct, almost joyful personality — an oddly human trait for shapes painted in oil. Each painting is an exploration of relationships, and she often derives inspiration from personal connections. According to Reiter, "An artist’s friends, family, people we loved, emotions we feel, hopes and aspirations that we have [live in these paintings]." As a result, Reiter describes her forms as "souls" that crave interaction, as each shape stretches across the canvas, pensively reaching out in search of connectedness— with both joyful and melancholic results.

Born in Moscow , Marina Reiter's work has been exhibited worldwide. She currently resides in Washington , D.C. , where she is a member artist at several galleries and organizations. "

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