Sunday, June 14, 2009

Making HerStory: Women to see at Artomatic 2009

It took close to three hours to do it, but we made it--through all nine floors of Artomatic 2009.  We started at the top making concentric circles while spiraling down floor by floor until we reached the bottom.  On seven, Co-Curator Jennifer Judelsohn was hosting "Cupcakes and Conversation" as part of annual event's Meet the Artist Night.  We were able to stop there to catch a break and snack on spinach dip with veggies and fresh grapes and cheese.  Two hours and five floors later, we're at the bottom--whipped and inspired at the same time.  

We were so inspired by what we saw, we thought we'd make a list of some of the must see women in this year's exhibition, including some of H4's own.

In no particular order, Drum Roll Please......

jamea richmond-edwards
Amber Robles-Gordon
Alicia Ensey
Kiddo Foto (L. Boocks)
Pat Goslee
Melissa Tenney
Melissa Burley
Joan Konkel
Atti Vakili Wheeler
Monica Stroik
Sally Tsou
E.B. Kellinger
Sherill Anne Gross
Gwen Zaberer
Sally Babylon
Claire Hackney
Molly Moorstein 
Jennifer Judelsohn
Heather Randell
jennifer anne deskins
Blair Anderson
Kim Reyes
Kay Layne
Dorothy Frye
Amy K. Tubbs
Yelena Rodina
Meghan Taylor
Sable Sirens
Lisa Osgood-Dano
Maria Santiago
Akua Walker
Bryanna Millis
Zandra Chesnut
Kiona Cloud
michele late
Roberta D. Eckard
Deborah Addison Coburn
Sybil Irby
Project Mixed Media
Danyell Irby
Erin Antognoli
Karma Krafts by Kimberly
Susan Finsen
Linda Elliff 
Victoria Vu
Zenia Bennett
Ashira Malka
Camille Mosley-Pasley
the sisters

While these women caught our eye on our first take of the event, there are dozens more fabulous women (and men) to see in this years exhibition along with musicians, demonstrations, theater, and other art media.  It is free to enter with a host of events scheduled through July 5, 2009, 55 M Street SE, Washington, DC at the new Capital Riverfront Area.