Thursday, April 9, 2009

Artist Highlight: Loretta Thompson

Meet the Artist: Loretta Thompson, in her own words...

"My intent is to create a piece that represents gesture and resembles a particular emotion, feeling, or situation. The underlying form is the descriptor. The composition of the piece, the materials used, marks made, and position of the figure are the clues to the thought behind the piece. The figures are drawn simply, and masked with multiple lines that cross the surface of the canvas. These lines separate the figure, adding movement, and room for improvisation from the viewer. Though the figures themselves are not detailed, the addition of the lines creates some chaos. The areas created from the lines are painted in with various colors, shades, and textures, giving the piece a puzzle-type look. This work for me is intriguing. First to see if the viewer can see what I have intended them to see. Second, to see what new ideas, feelings and generalizations the viewer has created. My intent is not to be literal, add some mystery, and create work that is more than an object."
Loretta Thompson is a Maryland native. She graduated from The University of the Arts in 2003 with a BFA in Sculpture, and George Mason University in 2007 with a MA in Arts Management. Loretta is a sculptor and painter, and in 2007 ventured into the mural arts field. Artists that have inspired Loretta include Degas and Rodin, because of their ability to represent the human figure in motion on paper and in 3-dimensional form. Today Loretta is the Community Programs Manager at Sitar Arts Center in DC, where she teaches youth, manages the Center’s gallery, and organizes opportunities for young people to become engaged in the arts.


  1. Hi Loretta,
    I'd enjoy talking to you in person about what I see in your painting particularly because you wrote that you are interested in that type of dialogue.
    Here, your vibrant work intrigues me like a puzzle that I want to immerse myself in. Even if you hadn't mentioned in your artist statement that its gestural and figurative, I see easily see that. Your composition is so strong and cohesive that I find myself looking at this internet view of your artwork again and again, each time, seeing more. It works!

  2. Thanks for your comment...sorry I'm soo late at relpying...check out my blog..I need to update it some, but it has some nice pics...I'd love to talk about my work with you...this summer's kinda busy, but let me know when you're free!