Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Artist Highlight: Nil Navaie

Meet the Artist: Nil Navaie, in her own words....

"Growing up in Istanbul where East meets West and in a bilingual/bicultural family helped Nil Sismanyazici-Navaie have an intercultural and interconnected world vision. Her international and multidisciplinary approach reflects on all her work. In her artworks she primarily focuses on human forms as well as the fusion and the balance it creates with nature and objects.

In her latest works she has been applying the collage technique in which she uses mixed media (pencil, oil and acrylic paint combined with handmade materials, raw papers, digital photographs, stones, wood, glass, sea-shells, and more). She believes art, in any form, has the power to create a positive change and thus founded the Arts for Global Development, Inc. (www.art4development.net) –an international, educational, volunteer based 501(c)3 initiative that facilitates the creative sector and the stakeholders of development to empower socially and economically disadvantaged individuals and communities worldwide, particularly children, youth, and women."
Nil is a communications strategist, the founding director of Arts for Global Development, Advisor to various arts-infused international development projects, and the creator/editor of internationally known "art’ishake" e-magazine that aims to provide an outlet for interdisciplinary and international exploration of the concepts and practices of creative social innovation. Nil has given numerous presentations, led trainings, published works, curated exhibitions, and organized "edutaining" events primarily on the arts and its involvement in achieving socio-economic development, including the Millennium Development Goals. In addition, she creates mixed-media art and has participated in numerous exhibits on both sides of the Atlantic. After attending Mimar Sinan Fine Arts Academy in Turkey, Nil continued her studies in International Relations at the University of Maryland and received her Master’s degree in Development Management from the London School of Economics in the UK.

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