Thursday, March 12, 2009

Artist Highlight: Sherill Anne Gross

Meet the Artist: Sherill Anne Gross, in her own words...

"My artwork is made only with paper, glue, and patience.
Every part of my art is made only using cut paper; even the signature. The non-straight lines and imperfect circles that are created are layered upon each other to reveal a final realistic image. All of the work is done by hand - no stencils are used.

Each work provides a new puzzle that needs to be solved. Although my repertoire of techniques has grown considerably over the years, I still try to approach each work with a new method of working the paper to see how this will add to the finished art. In 2007 I committed myself to completing a new work every weekday. The resulting one-a-(week) day project saw the creation of 209 new works. Working on such a fixed schedule forced me to develop new ways of approaching subject, technique, and the paper itself. I completed that year having learnt a lot about my work and myself. My artwork is what happens when you run with scissors.

I graduated with a BFA in Studio Art from Florida State University. After graduation I immediately moved to the Washington DC metro area. I spent several years exploring different methods of digital art combined with collage and monoprints. After experimenting with cut paper I found this was my medium.

In the past several years I have had several solo exhibitions both in and outside of the region as well as participating in many group shows. I belong to several local and national arts organizations, including serving as Vice President of the Laurel Art Guild."

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  1. I really like Sherill Anne Gross's art work.
    look forward to seeing more