Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Artist Highlight: M. Gasby Brown

Meet the Artist: M. Gasby Brown in her own words...

"I started to paint. My season of artistic creativity took hold of me by surprise, so I started to paint. Without anyone's permission, I started to paint.

M. Gasby Brown has been the New York Correspondent for BET, Financial Reporter for Fox Television’s WNYW in New York, host of WNYC-TV’s “Black Viewpoint” and host of “Starz Talk!," a syndicated radio show distributed to 250 stations across the country. Later she had a successful career as an executive in New York and Washington D.C. In July of 2002 she began to paint. 'For several months, I had a recurring dream about painting trees and other objects. Even when I was awake, the images of painting were vivid and continued to haunt me' Gasby recalls. She made the courageous decision to align the vision with reality and started her painting journey. Her first painting was, indeed, a tree.
Self–taught and inspired by visions, dreams, reality and ideas, Gasby has become a prolific, in-demand artist, capturing a variety of genres including abstract, realism and expressionism extracted from her life experiences and world view. Gasby draws particular inspiration from art greats William Tolliver, Annie Lee, Jacob Lawrence and other greats but has established her own signature painting style with the mixed media works of her 'Praise' and 'Celebration' series. "

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